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LGBTQIA+Allies in Glendale, California

glendaleOUT is a grass-roots organization dedicated to building, evolving, and moving forward queer voice in the narrative that is Glendale.

What's up.

Sign the Proclamation


Whereas, the 2020 Sundown resolution states “The City of Glendale will promote inclusion and equity, and will stand up to bigotry, hatred, intolerance, racism, and violence” and then has not done this for their queer community, 


Whereas, EVERY tenet in Glendale’s 2023 Pride Proclamation was canceled the same month it was presented when the city chose to accommodate hate and cancel Pride,


Whereas, a year has passed and the City of Glendale never followed up with or undertook a single action to reinstate the stated commitments listed in that proclamation, 


Whereas, LGBTQIA+ students, families, educators, and community allies have been the continual target of hate and harassment in Glendale for more than a year,


Whereas, LGBTQIA+ persons and community allies are being doxxed, targeted, threatened, physically and verbally harassed  in their neighborhoods and at city meetings,


Whereas, your queer community recognizes they've been deemed a negotiable commodity while homophobic speech and comments are regularly accepted in chambers, minus council rebuke, pushback or retaliation,


Whereas, the City of Glendale continues to view LGBTQIA+ hate as a permissible allowance of differing opinions,


and Whereas queer and questioning students in our school district are watching,


The undersigned are saying ENOUGH; enough complacency, enough empty proclamations, enough complicit non-action, enough compromising the public safety of queer and ally residents, ENOUGH;


Show up: Say something. Do something. Enact something. End the normalization of queer hate in Glendale. 


People who foment hate and violence in schools are not “concerned parents,” and the ones in Glendale claiming this have engaged in years-long actions that have compromised the safety, well being, and emotional health of GUSD students. 


The glendaleOUT community, in conjunction with educators and parents, introduces PROJECT:PRO+ECT.  This is a joint community effort to engage in actions that convey to queer and questioning GUSD students they live in a city that sees them, accepts them, respects their journey, and will fight for their place at the table in Glendale and La Crescenta.

This past year glendaleOUT circulated questionnaires to GSA clubs, and we asked three simple questions.  Converting the answers to these questions into actions is our sole future focus.What is life like for you as a young, queer person in Glendale/La Crescenta?What can we do to help make this community better for queer youth with regards to safety?What can we do to help make this community better for queer youth with regards to FUN?! People who have and will continue to spew hate into the queer narrative can not be the only voice our queer/questioning LGBTQIA+ students hear.  We invite everyone in the community to join us and work with us in love, in healing, and in creating safe space for our kids to thrive.Want to offer your space/ energy/ effort to one of these actions? Contact us, we'll make it happen together. 



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We suck at fundraising;  we need money!

Website, printed matter, fighting foo, breathing gay.

Adriana was a trans woman murdered in her apartment which was then set on fire in Yerevan, Armenia.
Lauri Carleton was an ally murdered for displaying a Pride flag at her store in Lake Arrowhead, California

Communities are being whipped into an anti-queer frenzy by people who use the rhetoric of hate for gain and profit. glendaleOUT and GUSD Parents for Public Schools have distributed over 70 of the hundred flags we are offering for FREE to any community member, organization, or business that would like to display it in memory of these women, and in support of healthy, inclusive, tolerant communities for all.

We will always be here, we will always be queer. Get used to it.

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Improving Allyship For Armenian LGBTQIA+ Communities

On Thursday, March 24th at 6:00 p.m. Pacific, Vahan Bournazian (Human Rights Professor), Mamikon Hovsepyan (Pink Armenia), Lilit Martirosyan (RighT Side), Perch Melikyan (Charachchi), and Erik Adamian (ONE Archives Foundation, GALAS and Charachchi) had a panel presentation on improving allyship for LGBTQIA+ communities. Panelists' relayed observations on human rights violations of LGBTQIA+ community members in Armenia, as depicted in the documentary Listen to Me: Untold Stories Beyond Hatred (2016). Panelists also highlighted responses from youth and advocates and presented a call to action to improve allyship for LGBTQIA+ youth and adults in Armenia and Glendale, CA, and beyond. This event is hosted by YWCA Glendale and Pasadena, glendaleOUT and GUSD Social Science Teacher Patrick Davarhanian.

CAMP: A Glendale Queer Zine

Thank you, Glendale!

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CAMP: A Glendale Queer Zine

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